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Studies have shown that since the 1950s electrical use has increased by over 400 percent. This shouldn’t come as a surprise because we didn’t have computers or smartphones to power in those days, and the appliances that were around like refrigerators have grown in their sophistication. So, if your energy demands have continued to expand, have you made the necessary adjustments in your home or business to make sure that what’s behind the walls can deliver the electricity you need?

The type of cable used to wire homes and businesses has made dramatic changes since the 1950s as well. Electrical safety codes change every four years, which only adds to the urgency of the situation. Chances are if you moved in to an older commercial or residential building that’s been around for a long time, you are overdue for a rewire. Even if you built your commercial or residential building from scratch, if it’s been a couple of decades since you thought about the wiring, you might benefit from a rewire.

Wiring, over time, eventually starts to show visible signs of degradation. Whether it’s been damaged in a rodent infestation, exposure to water, overheating or something else, rewiring your home or business decreases the risk of fire and other hazards associated with damaged electrical systems. The key is to a successful and safe rewire begins with finding the right electricians for the job.

Smith Electric LLC has been proud to provide both commercial and residential rewiring services to homes and businesses in the area. Outdated and damaged wiring is a huge hazard and it is always better to be safe and replace the whole than be sorry.

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Aluminum and Knob and Tube Wiring Needs to Go

Aluminum wiring was the popular choice for homes and businesses built in the 1970s. Unfortunately, there are a lot of problems associated with aluminum wires. The main problem with aluminum wiring is that it is not the best conductor of electricity. So, if your home or business still relies on aluminum wiring, the probability that it’s working overtime to get your appliances the power they need to function is very high. This generates excess heat and makes electrical fires a very real possibility.

As for knob and tube wiring, this hasn’t been used much since the 1950s but there are a handful of homes and businesses that have fallen through the cracks. Given how obsolete these types of wires are, if you still rely on them, it is imperative that you give Smith Electric LLC a call as soon as possible to arrange a rewire.

Smith Electric LLC’s electricians are highly skilled at spotting these out-of-date types of electrical wires and replacing them with new, up to code wiring in a convenient manner.

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You are pushing luck if you haven’t updated your home or business’s wiring, so give Smith Electric LLC a call to make sure you’re not risking a fire hazard.

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