Solar Panels in Cookeville

More and more Cookeville homes and businesses are making the switch to solar energy. With the potential to save thousands of dollars, earn special tax credits and add value to your residential or commercial property all while doing your part to save the environment, there is no shortage of reasons why adding solar panels to your Cookeville home or business could be a great decision. Of course, the only way to reap all the potential rewards of adding solar panels to your property is to make sure you work with licensed and insured electricians who have the technical know-how to make sure you are properly set up to be powered by the sun.

If you have been thinking about making the switch to solar energy but haven’t been able to figure out how you are going to install the solar panels your need, then get in touch with Smith Electric LLC. Smith Electric LLC is an electrical company based out of Cookeville committed to staying atop all the advancements in all facets of electricity to better serve our community. As a result, we have felt a responsibility to learn the in’s and out’s of solar energy, as well as other forms of alternative energy.

To get the installation of your solar panels started, all you have to do is give Smith Electric LLC a call and ask about our solar panel services.

How Do Solar Panels Work?

In the most basic terms, solar panels work like a giant net. They are placed somewhere on your residential or commercial property, normally the roof but they can be placed elsewhere depending on whether or not it gets adequate exposure to sunlight.

Electricity requires a positive charge to flow. In the case of solar panels, this charge is created when sunlight comes in contact with the silicone and boron composition of the solar panels. The contact unsettles the electrons inside the solar panel and the electrons’ desire to return to their undisturbed state creates the energy. Once the electricity is created, it travels through an inverter into your home where it can be used as energy power to power electronics, lights and appliances.

How Can Solar Panels Save You Money?

This is the question Smith Electric LLC is asked most frequently by Cookeville residents interested in making the switch to solar energy. It’s a bit complicated, but it’s worth it. First, you have to know how much you are currently spending on electricity every year.

The average American household spends over $1,400 a year on electricity. If you are a business, you might be paying more. Electricity is generally quite volatile, over the past decade, national electricity costs have risen 2.2 percent every year.

Since the costs of solar energy are all up-front with the solar panel and system installation, offsetting your current expenses with solar energy could save you upwards of $600 every year on energy.

That said, you can only hope to save if you get your solar panels professionally installed, which is why you should contact Smith Electric LLC today.